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Bosco & Whiteford, accompanied by their stay-at-home crew (their kids), are excited to share their new song and video, "Santa's Got the Rona" (starring themselves and, you guessed it, their kids)!

Inspired by an it'll-never-happen morbid quarantine-inspired side-splitting dinner conversation, Santa's Got the Rona was born. This video is in good fun, and is NOT intended to undermine the very real losses people are still suffering under this pandemic. Stay safe out there, keep others safe, and Happy Holidays from Bosco & Whiteford!

Santa's Got the Rona ©2020

Written, Recorded & Produced by Tim Whiteford

Rosalie Whiteford - Lead Vocals
Harlan Whiteford - Saxophone
Kristen Whiteford - Upright Bass; Harmonies
Tim Whiteford - Acoustic and 12-string Guitars
Tobias Merriman - Mandolin

Mastered by Alex Kirt