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We hail from Southern Illinois where we pick, grin, and raise our kids (Toby included). Listen to and/or download our self-titled EP and full length album, Inside the Bottle, on the music tab. Check out our tour dates below to see when we will be coming to your town! If you must buy the band a drink, we'll take a glass of dry wine, a whiskey, and a Guinness; bottoms up!

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Santa's Got the Rona (featuring Rosalie & Harlan Whiteford)

Bosco & Whiteford

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Inspired by an it'll-never-happen morbid quarantine-inspired side-splitting dinner conversation, Santa's Got the Rona was born. This video is in good fun, and is NOT intended to undermine the very real losses people are still suffering under this pandemic. Stay safe out there, keep others safe, and Happy Holidays from Bosco & Whiteford!

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